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A+/A*/Smiley for Teachers and School Staff

Come together in thanking our teachers and school staff for their support. Many are still on the front line supporting our key workers get to work so that we can get food and supplies, our families can get medical care, and we stay safe. It's EASY to display your support!

1. Find a piece of paper and something you can write/paint with.

2. On the paper, draw a giant smiley face, an A+ or A*, or any way you want to recognise their efforts. Make it big enough for the neighbours across the street to see.

3. Write 'Thank You' or another message of support somewhere on the page.

4. If you have (or had!) a favourite teacher(s) and/or school staff person, put their name on it.

5. Find a way (tape, blu tack, etc.) to display your appreciative artwork in the window.

6. When you see someone else's message in a window, smile.


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